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I welcome the opportunity to provide you with whatever legal assistance you may need to resolve any juvenile law problem you may have.  Call me, Attorney Dean Colovas, at (216) 621-5500.  I will speak with you personally and directly in a conversation you don’t need to be a lawyer to understand.  I respect the fact that this is your case, not mine.  Relief is on the way.

Juvenile Law

Juvenile Court handles a broad spectrum of legal issues involving minor children.  The Court serves three primary functions; resolution of parenting issues involving unwed parents, determination of matters involving allegations pertaining to dependency, neglect and abuse of minor children, and disposition of juvenile delinquency (minor’s accused of crimes) cases.

My office has extensive experience in all facets of juvenile law.  I am a certified guardian ad litem (child’s advocate) and am often appointed by the court to represent the best interests of children involved in a Juvenile Court proceeding.

The following is a more detailed breakdown of juvenile law matters where I can help you:

Juvenile Law (Parenting)

Unwed parents of children face the very same parenting issues that confront married couples, as well other unique issues.  These rights include:

  • Custody
  • Parental Rights
  • Child Support
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Legitimization and Establishment of Paternity
  • Post-decree (motions filed after initial order) Enforcement

Juvenile Law (Neglect, Abuse and Dependency)

These are cases that are instituted by the county when allegations are made by a third party that your children are not being provided proper care.  I am a certified guardian ad litem (party appointed by court to protect children’s interests) for children and have considerable experience in these matters.  I can help you.  Do not take these cases on by yourself.  They are serious and can lead to severe limitations of your parental rights... even the loss of your children in extreme instances.

Juvenile Law (Delinquency)

"Delinquency" is the term used to describe a case where a minor is charged with a crime.  Representation is important to preserve the rights of your child and make sure they achieve a result that does not hurt them later in life.  If your child has a problem and needs help, this can also be addressed in these types of proceedings.  Do not overlook the need for representation in a juvenile delinquency matter.  The framework of your child’s development can be dramatically affected by these cases. 

Dean A. Colovas

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