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I welcome the opportunity to provide you with whatever legal assistance you may need to resolve any family law problem you may have.  Call me, Cleveland divorce lawyer Dean Colovas, at (216) 621-5500.  I will speak with you personally and directly in a conversation you don’t need to be a lawyer to understand.  I respect the fact that this is your case, not mine.  Relief is on the way.

Divorce and Dissolution - Cleveland Divorce Lawyer

In a perfect world, everyone who gets married would stay married.  No one goes to the altar thinking about divorce.  Unfortunately, marriages do not always go as planned and they sometimes have to end.

It must be remembered that while divorces may signify the end of a marriage, the terms of the divorce can often define the framework for the rest of your life.  To this extent, divorces are as much a beginning as they are an end. When you need a Cleveland divorce lawyer, call Dean Colovas.

Divorce and dissolution determine the following:

  • Parental Rights
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Property Division
  • Retirement Account Distribution
  • Debt Allocation
  • Spousal Support (alimony)

Post Decree Motions (motions filed after initial court order)

Issues can also arise after a divorce has concluded.  Court orders are not always followed and must be enforced.  Matters involving children always lie within the jurisdiction of the court and may need changing.  My office will help you with these matters:

  • Modification of Parental Rights
  • Modification of Child Custody
  • Modification of Child Support
  • Modification of Spousal Support (alimony)
  • Enforcement of Property Rights or Support Related Matters
  • Contempt Motions (filed if a party refuses to follow court orders)

Juvenile Law (Parenting)

Unwed parents of children confront the very same parenting issues that are described above for married couples, as well other unique issues.  These rights include:

  • Custody
  • Parental Rights
  • Child Support
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Legitimization and Establishment of Paternity
  • Post-decree (motions filed after initial order) Enforcement
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Dean A. Colovas

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